Tillamook catch

My only YB fish (thanks El Nino)

Today we learned where the 'hump' was (Coast Guard didn't like that we went past it since it was closed beyond it).

Jodi's birthday trip

Hurts to have to let them go.

Yes, we shoot them (halibut).

My 48" butt (early birthday)

Duke, 52" butt

Yes, it took 2 to hold up.

58" (78 lbs.)

Calm seas

With a little help from our friends

And these...

...are our friends.

Mine may be the smallest, but I found the spot.

43" butt

Jodi and her 50" - 58 pounder

48" Butt.

Ron & Jodi 52" 68+ lbs. Halibut

67 lbs. of pure bottomfish fillets.

Had to let it go.

18 lb. Lingcod