Oldest at the top, newest at the bottom.

Ed stayed up a little too late the night before.

We finnaly got to get out on the ocean and catch some fish.

King for a day.

Elk around Summit, OR.

First all depth success. 36, 36 & 31. Harrisons ridge.

(King yet again)

51", 56 lbs. Off the lighthouse inside 40 fathoms.

45" & 38" all depth day. RBH.

(King on left)

The new king (right).

The view fishing north of Yaquina head.

Yaquina head and the lighthouse.

Coasties flying by.

The miracle butt. Caught while bottom fishing in 65' of water (on a salmon rod).

The rest of the days catch (king on right, again).

(king of the lings not pictured, behind camera as usual)

Couldn't keep. All depth day.

Shark attack. There was a black cod on the line at one point. The remaining head is in the upper left of the pic.

700' of water was too much for Mark.

... and his halibut had a close call with another shark.

Duke finally makes it out of bed. L to R, 33-36-34. Banana Bank.

We finally get to go after tuna. 18 caught around the banana.