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35" and weighs enough. Our first inside 40 day off lighthouse.

Lily and Vic.


and Duke.

Nice day too.

Dan. 52" and 61 lbs. His biggest butt to date. On Dukes new electric reel.

Dan and Ken (can't be picky when it's your first one of the season)

52"/61 lb., 31"/enough lbs. Off the lighthouse on first all depth.

Vic 31 1/2. Ken 39 1/2, Duke 35.


Good fences...

Bar closed. Herring fishing was decent.

All depth, lighthouse. Vic 33, Ken 38, Mark 32.99 (extra credit for cleaning it himself and wasting nothing).

Nice day on the pond. Landed 6 and kept 3 (ask them which rod was hot, sorry guys).

Mark and an epic battle.

Dukes 45 on the hook. Dean and Ken F. on the ground.

I don't have the details.

45 (43 lb.) and 40 (29 lb.)

Lighthouse. Done by 9:30.

Dan (34), Ken (37), Duke (35). Hot bite at the lighthouse 'hole'.

Hand line video (48 MB). Save this to your PC by RIGHT CLICKING on 'Hand line' and selecting 'Save target as...', then select your desktop. Plays through Windows Media Player.

Sea Lion playing 36 miles offshore.