Dan gave in to the seas.

First bottom fishing trip 2013. 8 lingcod and 10 rock fish.

4 lings, 2 rockfish.

The only fish of the day and he stops to pee.

38" 21 lbs. First inside 40 day off the lighthouse.

This is what rough looks like.

First of the day. 41". 2nd came 20 minutes later. Took another 2 hours to get the last one.

Great weather and good ocean.

That nice electric reel did no good today. All 3 keepers were on good old 'blue'.

Results for 5/31/13. Inside 40 off lighthouse. 41, 40, 34.

Abdula the butcher.

6/1/13. Another nice day on the pond.

They look bigger in this shot.

Day 2 total. 34, 33, 28. Again, off the lighthouse.

Fitz and his 47" lighthouse butt.

42, ??, 32.

38, 44, 32.

Waking up from a boat nap.

33, 31.

First tuna hunt 2013. Nice ocean.

On the troll.

The haul. Only 9 this time but they were nice sized.

11 lb. chinook.

Lots of crab one day, none the next.

Too many jelly fish to be able to fish for anything. No coho or bottom fish.

Coho but I don't remember the weight.

Duke and Mark. Coho, 12 and 9 lb.

Coho, 10 lb.

Me and Robert. Coho, both 9 lbs.