First trip on the pond, 2014. Great day.

The catch. 8 lingcod, 17 rockfish.

52" and 63 lb. Me. Rockpile.

Day 2. Dukes 38" 23 lb. My 52" 63 lb.

Same fish, different lean.

Day 3. Duke 33, Ken Fitz 33, my 44. I only remember mine weighed 42 lbs. Day 1 with Dean and Glen we got nothing.

But with all the good fishing came some bad luck on the way back to camp. Right side torsion axle broke. Had to tow back to camp. Shopping for an axle

Last stop on the way in. What is it?

Sea serpent?


Photo op then back in it goes. Can't keep them until 7/1.

Day 3, trip 1. We did manage a limit of Lings and a few rock fish.

Day 6 was a nice one.

Day 6, trip 2. Full limit.

We really need to work on our pose.

Day 7, trip 3. 4 short of limit on rockfish.

Invisible chair pose.

July 4th didn't produce any fish but we had lots of fish on and it was nice for most of the day.

Very nice day on the pond.

Coho limit. Didn't get to keep a thing for 7 hours, then 6 in less than an hour. 4 to 7 lb fish. Small but a good first coho trip.

6, 6, 8, 9, 10, 8 lb. coho.

And it was a nice day on the ocean.

Vic 12 lb. coho.

And another limit.

Small sunfish (mola mola)

Nice day but only one tiny 26" halibut.

Crappy day, worthless crew, cute seasick dog, 1 - 5 lb coho.

6 for 8 coho on a sloppy ocean.

Great day on the ocean but only 2 for 8 on coho.

The 2 for the day. 8 and 10 lb.