2nd day back from getting fixed. Can't keep her down.

The stitches.

The dreaded cone!

Steelers beat the Jets. Terrible towel pooped.

Yes. There is a fire going in the stove. Why do you think I'm in here?

It's all over for the bird...

Go ahead. Resist my charm.

Seasick puppy. Good to be back on solid ground.

Another rough day on the water.

Trying out all the furniture at grandma's house.

Strange place to get a tan.

Happy Birthday Lily!

3 years old. Loves her new toy.

All the birthday toys and rib bones.

Another dramamine hangover.

Who wants some avacado?

Dramamine nap.


Poor girl had a ruptured anal sac. Vet had to flush and clean and now it's 5 days of the dreaded cone.

Hopefully it keeps itself in check, otherwise it will be regular trips back to have it cleaned.