Slides from the past. Everything was scanned regardless of quality.

This first gallery is all the slides in boxes. The reels have individual links to their page.

No guarantee on the dates. Some of the boxes/reels are mixed. * will denote a mixed box (maybe).

All the slides are named with Slidexxxx.jpg as the naming convention. If you want me to add a subtitle or note to ANY

slide, reference it by name (if you have the status bar turned on in Internet Explorer, it will show the name of any thumbnail

if you hover over it, at the bottom left of the window).

Reel 1

Reel 2

Reel 3

Reel 4

Reel 5

0001 through 0024 dated June 1970

0025-0042 dated Feb 1980.

0043-0063 Jan 1971.

Oddball. Not part of this box.

0064-0072 unknown date, same box.

0073-0089 1964 & 1965. Mixed box.

Sept. 1970

0091 through 0128 dated June 1970

0129-0158 Sept. 1969 *